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Whether we like it or not technology is becoming a driving force in almost every aspect of our lives.  As an educator it will be important to stay current on what technologies younger generations are interested in. It is also important to act as a guide for students and show them other uses for technology.  I feel that this class demonstrated this ideology and allowed me to grow and learn through the use of current and relevant learning technologies.  After completing the process I feel excited to incorporate what I learned from this class into my own classroom.  I look forward to sharing and borrowing new technologies with my fellow educators and being able doing so on multiple technological platforms.


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I will admit that I felt challenged during this glass. I was able to learn and use multiple new technologies and eventually the process become easier and felt more natural. Learning to use new technologies should be a fun process and it will be important to provide feedback to the creators of such technologies.  It is through this process that improvements are made and forward progress gained.  Personally, if I don’t enjoy the process of using a specific technology in my classroom then I probably won’t use it.  Teachers need to be involved with the process of developing new ideas because they are going to be the people that use such technologies.

 I still have lots of work to do before I feel that I have met and achieved the outcome of this goal.  I look forward to completing my PBQ and adding it to my portfolio so that future employers can see what I can bring to their schools.  Furthermore, I look forward to collaborating with other educators and creating new ideas that can directly impact and improve the lives of students and teachers.

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