uses a teacher’s iPad or Android tablet in conjunction with a series of QR codes to create a student response system. Students are given a set of QR codes on large index cards. The codes are assigned to students. Each code card can be turned in four orientations. Each orientation provides a different answer. When the teacher is ready to collect data, he or she uses the Plickers mobile app to scan the cards to see a bar graph of responses.


Plickers could be a good student response system to use in classrooms in which students don’t have laptops or tablets to use. Using Plickers to poll your students instead of asking them to raise hands to indicate if they “get it” or not allows students to reply anonymously by holding up their cards. Have all students hold up their cards at the same time, scan them, and see the results. Students won’t know who said they “got it” or not because each code is unique to each student.

I imagine this technology could be implemented directly into a classroom allowing the teacher to use it without having to hold a device. The only real problem with this app is that a teacher would have to be holding their device and this may cause the teacher to become distracted by looking at the device rather than playing attention to the students.I feel that this app will be around in 10 years but it will go through some changes in how it is used.  I can see it integrated into a “smart class” and the instructor could use the technology in a more hands free method. Check it out! It’s free!



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