As an aspiring teacher I can greatly identify with this quote.  David Thornburg’s  quote is expressing that teaching should be approached as a privilege not a chore.  This privilege should be taken away if it’s not met with great inspiration and diligence. The one thing a computer can not deliver to a student is a genuine humanistic passion for learning. The other thing that a computer can not necessarily teach is how to decipher what is a truth and what is fact from fiction.  If a child can trust a computer to teach morality and compassion that same computer can also teach a trusting child to be hateful and biased.  If I mearly sat in front of my computer and believed everything that was presented to me on a daily basis than I feel that my eduction and past teachers would have failed both myself and society.


Mitra’s Hole in the Wall experiment is a perfect message of how much power technology can have over future generations and how it can influence and shape young minds. The  importance of the moral standards of the individual or group providing the information and guidance can not go unacknowledged here.  Mitra could just as easily preloaded those computers with hate propaganda and negative sentiments.  Consider that for a second, and then wonder how a young mind could be shaped with just a simple computer placed in a wall in a remote village. Teaching is not only a privilege, but it comes with an even greater moral responsibility and obligation to creating a better society for all people to live in.


As a future educator, I will try to embrace the role of technology in my classroom but not without first preparing my students for the impact that technology can have on their own lives.  It will be important for future generations to still appreciate different modalities of learning and experiencing life. My greatest lessons in life were not experienced in the classroom or in front of a screen.  The greatest lessons of my life were presented when I used my education and knowledge to go out into the world and create my own opinions and views.  These are the fundamentals to becoming an individual and not falling victim to becoming a mere mindless vessel within a Bureaucratic Administrative Machine.