Greetings fellow ULV students and Dr. Decker.  This is not only my first Blog post, but this is also the first on-line course that I have ever participated in.  Needless to say, I am skeptical about the process and I hope it benefits myself as well as my fellow classmates. It’s not my intent to be negative, but I feel a certain disconnect from the learning process and I feel lots of anxiety regarding my abilities with working on-line in general. Not to mention this is my second semester back and I’ve already struggled just learning to navigate blackboard and WordPress (both have proved to be very time-consuming and cumbersome). With that said, this process is needed for me to accomplish my goal of becoming a teacher so I will be giving 100% of my efforts to succeed in this endeavor.

I am currently enrolled in the multi-subject credential program.  This is my second semester back to school, and I graduated from ULV in 2007 with a degree in Behavioral Science.  After graduating I worked with various segments of the population focusing my efforts in lower-income areas and with at-risk-youth. I’ve been a youth counselor, after school program coordinator, group home manager and recently started to gain experience working with autistic and special needs youth and adults. My academic goals are to acquire a teaching credential and a masters in education.  I chose ULV  because I enjoyed the process of getting my bachelors here and I felt it would benefit me to be consistent with my education.


These two ladies are my inspiration in life.  Being a father and companion has been one of the greatest learning experiences of my life.  Having complete and total support from another human being is like super charging your own existence. My daughter is like a tiny light that constantly reminds me of all that is right in the world and is a great motivator in achieving my personal and family goals.  My wife and I were both blessed with amazingly supportive families and we are thankful every day.

I chose teaching as my new career endeavor because it aligns with my personal needs but also allows for professional growth and stability.  I attended the public school system from 1980-1993 and I can only recall a handful of teachers that truly reached and influenced me.  Its my hope that as a teacher I can reach and positively influence todays youth and help to create a better world for future generations.  We are all stuck on this planet together let’s make it the best place we can imagine.