I still remember how I found my first job.  I was thumbing through the local newspaper’s classified adds and circling any jobs that looked promising.  Then I walked to the location of the business and asked if I could get an application. After finishing the application I turned it in and waited.  While this approach still works, society has become more fast paced and job seekers need to compete.  An individual may have great interpersonal skills and do great at an interview, but if you are never selected for the interview your chances of getting the job you really want become less.  In order to be the most impressive candidate you need to showcase your abilities, skills, experience, and this can be done very effectively with an ePortfolio.


Your ePortfolio is your opportunity to showcase yourself in more than just a one page resume. In it, you can speak elaborately on everything you’ve done throughout the years and speak of what you have learned and how you can apply all the knowledge and skills you’ve gained to your future work environment and more importantly to the world surrounding you. Teachers can use ePortfolios in the classroom to show students work for report card conferences, and can provide a model for the students of how to build their own ePortfolios from their work. With more and more schools going paperless or migrating to the “cloud” , student work has become more easily shareable, accessible by many, and more easily organized. Many teachers have turned to digital ePortfolios for their students. These digital portfolios have helped to change how teachers assign, collect and assess student classwork and projects.




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